61 Northern Light D/SA

I was competitive with this car from 1961 until 1965 while in the D/SA class.


63' Northern Charger A/MP

The car ran consistent low eleven second runs while in my care. (Short story fast car).


65' Argyle's Canadian Highlander S/SA A/FX

In just 3 and half years I established myself as Canada's No. 1 Driver in Stock Eliminator Class.


65' John Petrie Canadian Highlander S/SA A/FX

I moved from class racing to match racing and exhibition wheelstanding.


67' BP Experimental MK I Mercury Cyclone S/XS

In the Spring 1967 I moved from the Mighty MOPAR to FORD where I drove the first flip top funny car in Canada.


67' BP Experimental MK II Mercury Cyclone S/XS AA/FC

Changed from Injected 427 Hemi to Blown 427 mid summer of '68. Color changed from red to green and white for final campaign.


69' Dodge Super Bee 426 Hemi SS/E

A fast 4 speed with all the right stuff. Raced this car throughout Canada (Fun to drive).


69' Plymouth GTX 426 Hemi SS/FA (Convertable)

First convertable 3 speed automatic used for Drag Racing by Chrysler Canada. Raced car throughout Canada (Great Summertime Ride).


70' Plymouth Duster 426 Hemi PRO/S 118

A new car in a new class, lets make some noise (My New Class Racer).


70' Dodge Challenger 426 Hemi SS/DA

The always quick and reliable MOPAR (My Sleeper Car).


70' Plymouth Cuda C/Altered B/Gas

When you want to go fast...just ask. What a Blast!!! (Driver: Dennis Warner)


71' Dodge Demon 426 Hemi PRO/S 118

Always competitive and always fast for its class (My Speed Demon).


71' Plymouth Baracuda 426 Hemi PRO/S 144

A fast and reliable car with a record of winning (My Acid Dipped Special).


72' Plymouth Duster 426 Hemi PRO/S 13

Just right for me in design and driveability (My Favorite Racer).


72' Plymouth Baracuda 426 Hemi PRO/S 13

My quickest CUDA ever and my LAST (My Quick Build Special).


69' Dodge C600 H/D Ramp Truck

My Highway Racer always following the white line (My Phantom 409).


My Return - Dragstrip Memories 2014

42 Years Later - Warplane Museum Hamilton Ontario April 13th, 2014


"Hi Everybody!

I am delighted that so many drag racing fans in Canada and the U.S. are interested to know more about my drag racing career. I would like to invite everyone to experience some of my drag racing memories from 1961 to 1972."