John Petrie Northern Performance Centre (1965)

NorthernPerformanceCenterWhile I was driving for Argyle’s Chrysler Dodge in ’65, I opened the first Mopar Performance shop in Canada.  I named the Performance Shop “Northern Performance” to recall my Northern Light and Northern Charger successes during my earlier years in drag racing.  The Shop specialized in performance tuning and suspension work.  The Shop was a two bay former gas station located at Cliff Road and North Service Road off of the QEW in Mississauga, Ontario.  During the two year period  the Shop was open my mainstay business was setting up performance street cars for drag racing events.  Cars-NorthernPerformanceCarI was very busy but had very limited time to work at the shop due to my commitment with the Argyle’s Canadian Highlander and all the races I was scheduled to run. I opened my Northern Performance shop in February 1965. I ran Northern Charger for a short time starting in late ’64 and into early ’65, when I purchased my ’63 Plymouth Savoy for racing. I painted this car the same color as my ’59 Plymouth Sport Fury Northern Light. I painted the Plymouth Savoy using Chrysler’s original copper color shown in the ’59 Sport Fury brochure. When I defeated the ’65 Coronet of Argyle Chrysler Dodge in the early Spring of ’65, I changed the Plymouth Savoy paint color to white adding advertising of my Northern Performance Center on the two front doors of my car. The Plymouth Savoy stayed in my care until I started driving for Bob Herron of Argyle Chrysler Dodge. With my driving commitment to Bob, I felt that there would be no time to drive my Plymouth Savoys. I sold my 426 Wedge Car to Ken Scott Motors of Port Credit (suburb of Toronto). In this picture it shows me in the Argyle Canadian Highlander running Gord Coates of Ken Scott Motors, I was able to get out on Gord off the line for the win at Mohawk Dragway. Gord and I would often compete against each other at local Ontario drag strips during 1965. This was the same time when I purchased the Argyle Canadian Highlander and turned it into a match race car and exhibition wheelstander for the 1966 racing season.

In 1967 I moved from Mopar to Ford of Canada which left me no time to run the Performance Centre and reluctantly I closed the shop.

Note: There were 2 white Plymouth Savoys. One being the car which Gord Coates drove, the B/MP with the 426 Stage 3 Wedge Engine. The second being an C/SA car with a 383 Engine, which I also owned and painted white with my Northern Performance logos on the two front doors. Both cars were for sale at Mohawk Dragway at the same time in 1965. Thanks Don C and Norm.

Cars-NREKenScottMotors2     Cars-NRENorthernPerformanceLogo
B/SA B/MP 426 Stage 3 Wedge               C/SA 383 Engine


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  • allison bell wrote on November 3, 2014 at 3:01 // Reply

    Hello; Kingsley “chum” Bruce worked at northern performance after working for Argyle Chrysler on the “Highlander”

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