My Return – Motorama 2015!

Thank you for the warm reception everyone has shown me during my 3 day live appearance at the Motorama Motorsport Expo in Toronto on March 13-15. This event was a real home coming for me and a great venue created by Inside Track Motorsport news. I will always remember the kindness shown to me and my crew during this 3 day extravaganza.

A Special thanks to following Sponsors for making this event happen:

Mark Bergamin and the Marketing Department of Chrysler Canada for the 2015 Hellcat
Dan Gambin of Interstate All Battery Center of Vaughan and Mississauga Ontario
John & Nathan Pepper of Interstate Battery Center of Toronto Ontario
Shawn Yarrow General Sales Manager of Cooksville Dodge Chrysler for the 2015 Dodge Challenger RT

Your Friend
John Petrie

Love your ride!!!!

MR-ChallengerFlatBed   MR-HellCatFlatBed   MR-Challenger1   MR-Challenger2
MR-PaulEymanHellCat1   MR-BillandArtist   MR-GaryMclennanHellCat1   MR-PaulEymanHellCat2
MR-JohnandSponser1   MR-JohnandSponsor2   MR-JohnandSposor3   MR-JohnandWill
MR-JohnBillTeam1   MR-JohnRobinandGuest1   MR-JohnandFan1   MR-JohnandFan2
MR-JohnandFan3   MR-JohnandTeam1   MR-JohnPanel1   MR-JohnPanel2
MR-PetrieFans1   MR-DannyandFans1   MR-JPOriginalJacket   MR-JohnandOriginalJacket
MR-JohnMarkandFan1   MR-JohnandInterstate   MR-JohnAndPotter   MR-JohnandStacee
MR-RobinRoloefandSon   MR-Challenger3   MR-MarcDannyHellcat   MR-PaulandDanny
MR-DannyPaulandJohn   MR-TheChallegers   MR-JohnandChallengers   MR-TheCars
MR-TheCarsFrontal   MR-InterstateBattery   MR-Challenger4   MR-GaryandFan
MR-CooksvilleGroup1   MR-CooksvilleGroup2   MR-CooksvilleMechanicJohnGary   MR-CooksvilleMechanicJohnGary1
MR-JPMotorsportsCrew   MR-CooksvilleMechanics   MR-CooksvilleMechanics1   MR-CooksvilleSponsors
MR-CooksvilleHellcat1   MR-CooksvilleHellcat2   MR-CooksvilleGroup3   MR-CooksvilleGroup4

A special thanks to our contributing photographers Robin McQueen And Stacee Kenington



2 Responses to My Return – Motorama 2015!

  • Jim Lawrence wrote on May 13, 2015 at 12:17 // Reply

    Good to read about some of your racing history. I’ve always enjoyed your company and would have enjoyed hearing some of your stories.

    A Bus Conversions friend

  • Mario Petrie wrote on April 10, 2016 at 12:33 // Reply

    très belles photos qui montrent des beaux souvenirs


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