Northern Light D/SA

Cars-NorthernLightAdvertIn 1959 the Plymouth Sport Fury was a limited production model.  It came standard with a Wonderbar push button radio, swivel front seats, high end interior finishes and a 3-speed automatic transmission with 1, 2 and drive.800-BronzeNorthernLightThe automatic transmission controls were a push button configuration mounted on the dash. Each custom order Sport Fury came with an engraved name plate of the owner of the car mounted on the glove box.  The original owner of my car was Frank T. Tindley who purchased it brand new.The car was a trade-in at Mount Pleasent Motors in the latter part of 1960.  I purchased this car from the Company and then modified the vehicle for drag racing in the D/SA class in the Spring of 1961 when I was 19.

These pictures were provided by Robert Hinds &

Cars-NorthernLightDash       Cars-NortherLightEngine

Cars-NorthernLighInterior       Cars-NorthernLightFrontEnd


3 Responses to Northern Light D/SA

  • Paul Jordan wrote on April 15, 2014 at 9:15 // Reply

    Met you Sunday at Drag strip Memories.
    I will be writing an article about the event in Old Autos and will include you in it. I went through the traps in my brand new Swinger 340 4 spd @15.9 and beat another Swinger 340!

  • rodger woodward wrote on June 16, 2014 at 7:53 // Reply

    Nice to see you have a web sight. My brother Garry Woodward drove the Northern Light for a couple of years for you. Spoke of you often.
    Yours truly
    Rodger Woodward
    One of the twins

  • Dan Trigiani wrote on June 24, 2014 at 7:15 // Reply

    My life is all about Mopars and there drivers and designers, none better than Vergil Exner. My first car was of course a 1957 black Dodge Custom Royal

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