Northern Charger A/MP Modified Production

Cars-SavoyFrontaThis car was the US Plymouth Fury and in Canada it was badged a Plymouth Savoy. In June 1964 I purchased a retired O.P.P highway cruiser which I had acquired through a car wholesaler at a car auction.  The 1963 Plymouth Savoy was stripped down to accomodate a Stage 3 – 426 Wedge V8 engine with a 727 aluminum torqueflite transmission. I purchased the engine and transmission from a contact in Pennsylvania right after I bought the car. This car remained in my possession for three months of competition before I sold it in 1965. Cars-SavoyRearDuring the early ’60s Chrysler had a 426 Wedge V8 engine that was running very well up and down the East Coast of the U.S. The Wedge Stage 3 Engine was the quickest big block at all the local drag strips. The engine coupled with two four-barrel carborators was a giant horsepower maker. Cars-SavoyEngineI recall this motor making 425 hp out of the crate. When I raced my Northern Charger at the local Ontario drag strips (Mohawk, Cayuga, and St. Thomas), the car was fast in the A/MP class. It ran consistant low eleven second runs while in my care. The images are artists renditions of the vehicle as I do not have a true image of the actual vehicle.


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  • Ron Nies Sr wrote on March 29, 2014 at 1:00 // Reply

    I loved all your cars and really enjoyed seeing them do good. I really liked your Demon Pro Stock car and wished I could have gotten to see you race in person as I am from Maryland in the US. I did get to see guys like Sox & Martin , Herb McCandless and Grumpy Jenkins and others from the east coast in the USA. I really liked your 63 Plymouth Max Wedge as I own a 63 Plymouth street/strip car you can see on the web page at the 62 to 65 Mopars website. Thanks so much for making your website as I plan to check it out real good and will enjoy your racing history. Thanks , Ron Nies Sr

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