Argyle’s Canadian Highlander (1965 Coronet)

Class: S/SA A/FX

Cars-ArgyleHighlander2In the early Spring of 1965 I defeated Argyle’s 426 aluminum head Hemi V8 Canadian Highlander S/SA at St. Thomas Dragway in a heads up race driving my A/ modified production Stage 3 – 426 Wedge ’63 Plymouth Savoy.  Immediately after defeating the Argyle Canadian Highlander.  Cars-JohnandBobHerronI was offered the driving task from Bob Herron, President of Argyle Chrysler Dodge to campaign the Highlander for the balance of the 1965 racing season.  I ran consistent eleven second runs with a Canadian National record in S/SA of 11.20 ET at 128.35 MPH.

News From the Past.

Cars-BobHerronIn 1964 Bob Herron of Argyle Chrysler Dodge placed an order for a new ’65 Dodge Coronet 2 door with a 426 Hemi and aluminum heads. This was the first 65 Coronet to be shipped to Canada with the 426 Hemi Engine and the new aluminum heads design. The Canadian Highlander as it was called was a custom ordered performance production vehicle. The car was shipped to Argyle’s Chrysler Dodge minus the headers and some parts. The mechanics at Argyle’s completed the car and made it race ready. In 1965 Ralph Algar, shop foreman for Argyle was the mechanic on the Canadian Highlander. Ralph prepped the car for me to drive and it performed very well in the S/SA and A/FX classes.

Did you know that Argyle’s was the first Canadian Chrysler Dodge dealership to have a performance car Clinic back in the Summer of 1965? The Clinic was conducted by Dick Maxwell Performance Adviser for Chrysler U.S. Bob Herron and his management group were all performance oriented car guys. I was amazed at how successful the car Clinic was at the dealership. The turnout was fantastic. With Chrysler U.S now conducting Clinics all through the States starting in late 1965, I could see the potential for car Clinics in Canada in the future.

Cars-ArgyleHighlanderC   Cars-ArgyleHighlanderD

1965 Indy Nationals, Oakdale CT – images provided by Charles Milikin Jr

Cars-ArgyleHighlanderA   Cars-ArgyleHighlanderB


4 Responses to Argyle’s Canadian Highlander (1965 Coronet)

  • Charles Milikin Jr wrote on April 19, 2014 at 7:09 // Reply

    John, were you driving the Highlander Dodge S/SA at the Indy Nationals in 1965?
    I took two pictures of the car at that race.

  • Dan Trigiani wrote on June 24, 2014 at 7:33 // Reply

    I remember going to Argyles Dealersip with my friends I just my drivers licsence. The dealership is still in the same location and it still have many performance carzs but now it is called Cooksville Dodge

  • Robert Labonte wrote on December 16, 2014 at 10:04 // Reply

    Growing up in Clarkson I visited the Argyle lot often to see the latest muscle cars. I remember the white 1970 Dodge Charger 500, hemi car that sat on the lot for a while unsold. It was out of my price bracket. I also attended one of John’s clinics there. I had a new 1966 383 Coronet 500 and a then a new 1969 Doge Dart Swinger 340 I ordered from Halnan Motors. Wish I could find my old car. It was dark green. Since moving to California I have owned quite a few Mopars including a 1964 Plymouth 426 max wedge and 1966 Belvedere hemi. Glad to see you are still active John. I remember your Highlander running at Cayuga and St. Thomas. Those were the days.

  • frank wrote on August 11, 2016 at 10:24 // Reply

    hello , i met you at carlisle pa car show last month you were very nice to me & signed 3 autographs jesus rules so god bless you & your family
    i was the crazy guy from brooklyn.

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